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Mountain Zen Den Podcast

Jan 14, 2023

Can you hear "The Call" to a Great Adventure in your life? Something you know you were meant to do?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a setting where it was just you and Nature for an extended period of time?

Imagine yourself as a woman, alone on a horse, 500 miles from home…

At age 54, Lisa Stewart did just that.  She set out to regain the fearless girl she once had been, riding her horse, Chief, 500 miles home.  Hot, homeless, and horseback, she snapped back into every original cell.

On an extraordinary homegoing from Kansas City to Bates and Vernon Counties in Missouri, Lisa exhausted herself, faced her past, trusted strangers, and stayed in the middle of her frightened horse to document modern rural America, the people, animals, and land. The result was a compelling and uplifting memoir, The Big Quiet—One Woman’s Horseback Ride Home.

Today we visit with Lisa Stewart, author, adventurer, horsewoman, as she shares some of the details of her journey, and experiences of connecting with the Creator through Nature.

You are in for a special adventure today!

Come on in…